Go For It!

Join one of our trainers for a full range of workouts that incorporate both punches and kicks to improve your overall fitness. Our Temple trainers will keep you on your toes with many different combos that will keep you engaged and excited.

Temple Blast

Weights for Everyone

A High intensity, upbeat class. This class is a fun energetic workout for the entire family. This is a cardio focused class that will never be the same exercises, but will always deliver the same level of intensity to have you break a sweat! 


Improve your hands

Our boxing coaches are here to help. This is a non-contact class using boxing disciplines to improve both hand and eye coordination, as well as your footwork. Our coaches make use of many techniques to help you reach your goals, such as shadow boxing, heavy bags, speed bags, pad work, and jump rope. (Not designed for self-defense)

Temple Bootcamp


A full body workout that will leave you drained and satisfied. We will push you to your limits and motivate you to keep on going even further. This is a intense class that will make use of all of our equipment. It does not matter if you are a spartan racer, crossfiter, football player, etc. this workout will be about pushing you as hard as possible!


Get Started

This class is designed to generate excitement and achieve health and fitness goals by getting members out of their sedentary lifestyles. The body was designed to move! Fitness can be fun and motivating as goals are met and expectations are raised. One step at a time is our practice and let's start here.


Kick it up a notch

This class is for mature adults who want to improve on flexibility, stamina, balance and just have a good time. Exercise will include but is not limited to boxing, weightlifting, biking, TRX, battle ropes and dancing! If you are not careful you might even have fun.



Temple Strength

More Power than Ever!

Our Temple Strength class is here to help you perform better in the gym! We will be teaching all types of lifting techniques and ques to help you move more weight in a healthier way. Our goal is to help you reach levels of strengths that you only dreamed of!

Temple Intro

Let's take the first Step!

Temple's Intro class is a free class that we offer  for those completely new to lifting and the gym experience. We will help you learn the basic tools and techniques to get started on your fitness journey.