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TEMPLE Gym & Fitness: Building Strong and Fit Youths - BODY, MIND, & SOUL


Operating hours

Monday-Friday: 0700-2100 (9:00pm)

Saturday: 0730-2100 (9:00pm)

Sunday: Closed

Major holidays: Closed unless posted for unique events

Summer Hours (when school is out) 0600-2100 (9:00pm)

How/Why are we different?

We want a relationship with your family, we want everyone to succeed to their ability. If you like a challenge, we provide one. If you want motivation, we have motivators. If you need a friend, we have a heart.  We want to invest in you or your child, and if you want a return on your investment then we guarantee change. However, if you don’t want to work we don’t want your money.


Temple Gym and Fitness memberships includes the following services

(Ty Burns is our Lead trainer and will oversee all trainers.)


Motivate Me!

This class is designed to generate excitement and achieve health and fitness goals by getting Member’s out of their sedentary lifestyles. One step at a time is our practice. 


Triumph Training

Designed to challenge everyone to work at their own pace above their own expectations. It involves circuit training, cross training and interval training. 


A non-contact class using boxing disciplines to improve eye hand coordination and footwork. Facilitating tried and proven techniques to include but not limited to shadow boxing, heavy bags, speed bags, pad work, and jump rope. (Not designed for self-defense)


Olympic Wrestling, using grabs, locks, throws, holds, leverage, pins, and controlling skills. (No striking is allowed)

One on One Personal Training

Our certified NASM/ACE professionals train to achieve and maintain a state of overall physical and mental well-being using the Member’s Goals.

Elite Training

Geared toward our career minded athletes to improve “combine” scores for college preparation. This class is dedicated to those who can push themselves while using the full assets of the Gym. 

Beach Training

Sweaty, Sandy, and Challenging! Focusing on intestinal fortitude, digging into courage, endurance utilizing mental and physical stamina.

Olympic Lifting

Focusing on strict form while gradually adding heavy weight to increase speed, power, and strength. You will be working on the main disciplines of Olympic Lifting which are Lifting, Squat, Clean and Press and Dead Lifts.

Circuit Training

A form of body conditioning and resistance training using high intensity aerobics. Targeting strength building and muscular endurance.



Bronze Single Monthly Package

- $38 per month (Pay Monthly)

Silver Single Six Month Package

- $35 per month (Auto-Renew or Paid in Full)

Gold Single One Year Package

- $33 per month (Auto-Renew or Paid in Full)


Bronze Double Monthly Package

- $60 per month (Pay Monthly)

Silver Double Six Month Package

- $50 per month (Auto-Renew or Paid in Full)

Gold Double One Year Package

- $45 per month (Auto-Renew or Paid in Full)


Bronze Family Monthly Package

- $80 per month (Pay Monthly)

Silver Family Six Months Package

- $70 per month (Auto-Renew or Paid in Full)

Gold Family One Year Package

- $60 per month (Auto-Renew or Paid in Full)